About Coops and Gardens

We specialize in backyard chicken coops and raised-bed vegetable gardens for your backyard in South Florida. Want to grow vegetables in your yard without the hassle? Want to have fresh eggs in your backyard without having to worry about how they got in your fridge? We are capable of making many designs and filling many requests. We make organic, fresh vegetable gardens you and your family can enjoy all year, without you having to lift a finger.

Email us for orders or more information at coopsandgardens@gmail.com

We happily accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


2 thoughts on “About Coops and Gardens

  1. THESE ARE JUST GREAT! I am designing the property of my new home and will definitely be getting in touch with you!
    Keeping it local,

  2. I had a chicken tractor built and delivered to me. Wow. I gave him the ideas and dimensions, and it came out exactly how I requested. Now I have four hens, and within a day was getting eggs. The tractor is easy to maintain and move, too, which was important for me as a slender female. Thanks! And I’m actually debating on ordering a second!

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